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IMT to address growing MEMS market with new appointment

Time: 6/7/2016 2:11:30 PM                       Publisher: Staff
Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Innovative Micro Technology, Inc. (IMT) has appointed Paul Pickering as vice president of worldwide sales to address the rapidly growing demand for MEMS devices.
The firm's devices are used in optical communications, magnetics, switching, infrared and other key markets. In this role, Pickering will be expanding the sales team, creating a stronger presence in Asia and Europe, and driving growth in global technology regions.
IMT says it is the largest pure-play Micro-Electro-Mechanical systems (MEMS) foundry in the US. With a 30,000-square-foot class 100 clean room in Santa Barbara, California, IMT is easily accessible to Silicon Valley, the heart of MEMS innovation. IMT scientists and engineers are technology experts in magnetics, micro-mirrors, microfluidics, sensors, wafer-level packaging, through silicon-VIAs and planar lightwave circuits.
As the diversity of MEMS applications continues to expand, we have increased our active customer engagements worldwide and have further strengthened our executive and support teams to drive growth, says Craig Ensley, president and CEO of IMT. Paul is a great fit for IMT having served as the vice president of sales for two public companies and four venture backed start-ups where he consistently led successful strategic customer engagements based on deep technical collaboration.
IMT has a history of providing end-to-end MEMS manufacturing solutions for use in a broad range of mainstream and highly specialiaed applications. For more than 13 years, IMT has been working closely with customers to design, productise and manufacture more than 250 MEMS solutions.
The success of these devices has made IMT one of the leaders in the MEMS industry. With the addition of team members like Pickering, IMT is poised to support the multi-billion unit market for mainstream MEMS.
Paul Pickering has a 30-year career as a sales and marketing semiconductor professional. Prior to joining IMT, he was sales director for the communications business unit at Xilinx Inc. Before that, he served as the executive vice president of sales and marketing at Exar Corporation.
Previous sales and marketing roles included Xpedion Design Systems, acquired by Agilent Technologies, and VP for the Asia region for Zeevo, acquired by Broadcom. He has also worked in management at Fairchild, Toshiba, LSI Logic, PMC-Sierra and several other notable startup companies.
Pickering is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania and has spoken at a variety of industry events.
"In the last several years, MEMs technology has become a prolific influence in consumer, medical, industrial and automotive markets that ultimately touches the daily lives of nearly everyone on the planet,says the IMT VP, Paul Pickering.
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