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Focusing on the Situation of Photovoltaic(PV), "JNTECH·BaiXing+" Energy Storage PV System Make Leading Layout

Time: 12/6/2017 10:04:02 AM                       Publisher: Staff

The National Energy Administration ["13th 5year" energy development planning] point out that if optimize solar energy development layout and give priority to the development of distributed PV(Photovoltaic) power generation,the distributed PV will have a promising future of 60GW. And 2017 as the first develop year of China distributed PV,the first 3 quarters of this year,the distributed PV installed amount is up to 15GW which occupy 37.5% of total PV amount. It is an increase of 3 times. National Energy Administration official expect that throughout this year,the distributed PV will exceed 20GW. Although,from the characteristics of distributed power station, it is one of the most suitable development models for the current PV system. But behind of the high-speed development,there are serious problems : The grid-connected problem for example. The large capacity of distributed PV market, the saturation of regional market and increase of distributed PV penetration rate will bring series challenges to the power station. So,it is urgent to increase back up supply in the power station, changing and improving the operation and protection mechanism of the distribution network system to maintain stability. To the power system, a large amount of distributed PV access will cause burden on it.

With the rapid grow of distributed energy supply systems,micro grid and smart grid, the demand for energy storage in the PV market is more and more urgent. Energy storage is the process of storing energy through medium or equipment and release it when needed. It has become the 6th value chain of the power industry, therefore,the breakthrough and innovation of energy storage technology become the key to the smooth development of distributed PV,and aslo the key to promote revolution in the field of energy.

To this end,the PV companies have begun to engage in energy storage research,but still in the early stage of research and creation. Now, We integrate the distributed PV system with the energy storage system,and have launched the sub brand of "JNTECH·BaiXing+" household energy storage PV power generation system,which will provide perfect solution for the sustainable development of PV. The system uses lithium battery and advanced battery management system(BMS),can meet the high cycle times and long life requirements. It not only has operation mode of charge and discharge free of the storage unit,buy in low peak and sell in high peak,also has mode of on-grid,off-grid ,self occupied, power grid or DG reverse charge. The system has a full automatic and smooth switching between on-grid and off- grid. It can adapt to complex environment of power grid, improve the efficiency of energy utilization,and ensure the constant electricity of the family. This system will aslo be a forerunner to promote rapid development of household PV.

At present, "JNTECH·BaiXing+" PV system in the Country Garden villas project in Anhui province has been installed and connected successfully. Secondly, we JNTECH has signed strategic cooperation agreement with XinJiang Southern Group.The 80KW household PV project of Rushan lake city(Country Garden ) in Anhui province Hexian county is a strategic cooperation demonstration project,which has been installed and waiting for check and acceptance. In Anhui provoince, Hefei, Anqing, Liuan and other cities, "JNTECH·BaiXing+" PV Power plant projects are also in continuous installation. At present, the launching of these projects has had an extraordinary impact on the local.

In the future, JNTECH will also create the Chinese "BaiXing+"network service platform,and achieve seamless connection between manufacturers,distributors,partners and end users, so as to escort the PV one-stop operation and maintenance. Finally reach the target of let "JNTECH·BaiXing+" approach ordinary people’s home, let hundreds of millions Chinese use PV clean energy.





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