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Sunxhine new energy makes the environment more ecological

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1. Overview:

Sunxhine new energy industry cluster is based on sunxhine company for the investment management platform, joint shenzhen crystal showers, wuxi kay construction formed an independent production company (dragon sparrow new energy equipment companies and three common new energy technology co., LTD), based on danjiangkou production base, located in "practical new energy technology integration services" large new energy high and new technology enterprise cluster development. Danjiangkou no. 1 production base is located at 20 shui du avenue, covering an area of 30 mu.

With a total investment of about 100 million yuan, with total investment of about 45 million yuan in fixed assets, contains 1 # workshop floor 3000 , 2 # 1200 workshop, 3 # 2500 workshop, 4000 worker dormitory building and 2000 building science and technology; As well as the construction of danjiangkou 2, 2018 2000 workshop production base. Equipment with a total investment of about 55 million yuan, including 1 base, 3 inverter production line of 18 million yuan, 2 charging pile assembly production line of 15 million yuan, the solar tracking system assembly production lines and experimental technology workshop 20 million yuan; And 2 base intelligent light source LED light source, assembly line, detection line 12 million yuan.

Figure 1: the industrial cluster office building and the factory building under construction



2. Three profit centers

Three common company: Sunxhine company with shenzhen crystal showers (national high-tech enterprise, listed company) holding enterprise cooperation, the main equipment in the production of the domestic most advanced charging pile (750 w and 500 w more guns and pile) and the inverter production line, all five production lines full production in 2019, an annual output value of 250 million - 300 million yuan.

Dragon sparrow company: Sunxhine company and wuxi kai state high-tech enterprise, solar tracking system (international patent holders only) cooperation holding enterprises, mainly for the r&d and production of solar tracking system, after full production in 2018 will focus on foreign markets, the annual output of 1 gw, output value of about 100 million yuan.

Hubei xiangfu electric co. LTD: sunxhine company cooperation with dragon sparrow and three common holding enterprises, mainly engaged in power stations, solar tracking system off-grid type charging station investment, development, construction, operation and maintenance, and wisdom of the light source, development, production and sales. Production base no.2 is the independent production base of the company. The company is the core leading company of the enterprise cluster, the investment amount is 100 million yuan in 2017, and the value of 2018 is expected to be 300 million yuan.

 Figure 2: three companies of the industrial cluster:


3. Core products/services

Charging pile: 200V - 500V (passenger car) and 250V - 750V (commercial)

The charging of a multi-gun is completed simultaneously, using dc charging to increase the power, realizing 60

Finish the saturation charge in minutes.

The solar tracking system: the flat single axis tracking system is able to keep the solar panels on

The time is right for the sun, so that the light of the sun is at any time perpendicular to the power of the solar panels

The tracking system will increase the sun by more than 20 to 30 percent compared to the fixed type

The amount of radiation received can significantly improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic modules.

Intelligent light source: multi-system set public lighting lamp. This product USES spontaneous electricity

Off-grid use (fully realizing power grid power supply for backup), which contains the spontaneous electrical system

Union-solar tracking system (solar flower tracking and single axis tracking), energy storage system,

The skyeye system (public security, transportation system), wireless network transmitter (unlimited WIFI) and Passenger car, ev charging pile; The unlimited WIFI system and charging piles are charged

Sex business projects; The method of charging is the scan code login, wireless paid use.

Figure 3: company core products: intelligent light source lighting system


4. Planning for the next three years (17-19 years)

In 17 years, the production base of danjiangkou 1 has completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment by December 31

Dan jiang kou 20MW solar tracking system model area and grid power generation

Won the "solar tracking system 2018" world BBS

In 18 years, the dragon fink company and three companies completed the declaration of national high-tech enterprises

The company has offices abroad

Demonstration construction of off-grid automatic energy storage and charging station (bus terminal station)

Establishment of industrial cluster (wuhan) joint marketing center

Complete danjiangkou "intelligent light source collection lamp" model project

The production base of no.1 is fully put into operation, and the construction of base 2 starts

To complete more than 10 inventions and practical patent applications

In 19 years, the establishment of "oil change electricity" special research institute

Nationwide promotion of off-grid automatic power storage and charging stations

Overseas construction of more than 500MW solar tracking system power station

The "intelligent light source collection street lamp" in the provincial market is fully rolled out

Launch the lark IPO

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