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In recent years, with the increasing popularity of favorable policies and the continuous innovation of PV technologies, China domestic PV market has been growing rapidly and the installed capacity has been increasing year by year. As of the end of September 2017, China's new PV installed capacity has exceeded 34.5 GW, according to the latest BNEF forecast, 2017 China PV installed capacity of up to 54 GW or more, and this value will far exceed the accumulated installed capacity in US history .
 Although Chinese government gradual withdrawal of state subsidies dividend, it seems that people in the industry still believe this blowout growth can keep on, mainly due to the major PV companies are constantly committed to advanced technology research and product quality improvement. As the largest PV power generation enterprise on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), known as China’s NASDAQ the board for small-to-medium-sized innovative companies in China. - ZNSHINE PV-TECH Co., Ltd. (stock code: 838463) (hereinafter referred to as "ZNSHINE SOLAR") is also listed.
Efficient PV technology expedites the industry Rapid development
Efficient PV power generation technology may not be able to completely subvert the current industrial ecosystem, but with the gradual maturation of the domestic PV industry and the national subsidies dividend declines, efficient manufacturing technology leads PV industry has come. High-efficiency PV power generation technology  expedites the industry Rapid development.
As a technology-driven PV manufacturer, ZNSHINE SOLAR has completed the research and development of technologies such as the fourth generation of high-efficiency polycrystalline, PERC battery & modules, anti-PID coating, black silicon battery & modules, double-sided battery and modules. Earlier 2017, it also completed a new round of technological innovation based on its solid production and research technology. It launched 12-busbar high-efficiency polycrystalline module with a conversion efficiency of up to 17.3%, exceeded 7-10W of the PV leader certification basis.
Compared with standard modules,12-busbar modules have superior anti-PID characteristics with a first-year attenuation of only 2% and no initial attenuation. while a lower temperature coefficient keeps the modules stable at higher temperature Operation, coupled with excellent low-light response which makes the module power generation increased by about 3%. In addition, due to the use of more dense grid cells, the solar cells smaller shading area and the conduction current in the fine grid shorten the distance, thereby reducing the module Series resistance, it not only greatly enhance the output power of modules,  reducing the risk of module cracking formatted by  internal thermal resistance under normal operating conditions. It is worth mentioning that the high efficiency, high reliability and high stability of the module have been widely recognized by the industry and have passed the certification of PV leader certification issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC).
At the same time, the excellent performance, stable and reliable quality of ZNSHINE 12-busbar high efficiency modules have also been highly recognized by the users of  first "ZNSHINE KITS" 12-busbar PV system model demonstration project in Jining, Shandong province. It is understood that the "ZNSHINE KITS”- as the company tailored products for roof-top residential market, equipped with a professional and efficient project  team, entrusted with power grid applications, 24h online service, attentive after service and  user-tailored free property insurance, even if the power station has been greatly damaged by the tornado, floods, Blizzard and other extreme weather, the users of “ZNSINE KITS”  don’t need to worry about the loss of their own. What’s more, the company creates a more profitable return  for ZNSHINE KITS investors, the efficient 12-busbar modules are also carried. Throughout the product life cycle,  with lower power attenuation rate and longer life expectancy, "ZNSHINE KITS" will bring investors far beyond expectation green economic benefits.
Positive layout the overseas PV market, ZNSHINE SOLAR has cumulative completed global PV plants over 5GW
With the accelerated product innovation, ZNSHINE SOLAR actively layout overseas market as well. Relied on 30 years’ product manufacturing experience and strong overseas project development strength, ZNSHINE  projects development and construction throughout Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. At present, the company's annual power plant construction capacity of 1.1GW, and has the world's leading automatic module production line, per capita output up to 5MW, total production capacity of nearly 2GW, the global cumulative completion of power plant construction 5GW above.
As the first Chinese PV enterprise authorized by Japan to qualify for turnkey projects with EPC qualification, ZNSHINE SOLAR delivered 23MW modules to Japan's  largest PV power plant Hamada in April 2017. Hamada solar power station is the renewable energy power station using the highest proportion of Chinese equipment.
In November 2017, ZNSHINE SOLAR formally entered into a strategic cooperation with State Development Center of Mato Grosso ("MA") in Brazil. It not only obtained a series of relevant preferential policies such as land, taxation and financing support, this cooperation will  facilitate the build of 50-100MW mine PV plant and 300MW modules factory. In the next 3-5 years, ZNSHINE SOLAR will also carry out further cooperation with MA government, including the construction of solar power plants, production lines and the development of integrated PV solutions in the mining industry in the state, which will help local industry layout, optimize the restructuring of energy structure and make a total investment of over 360 million dollars.
As Lily Q. Lee, President Sales & Marketing of ZNSHINE SOLAR, said: "As we all know, the world's fossil energy reserves are extremely limited, PV power generation, for its green,safe and sustainable features, has become the important growth path to explore low-carbon development in various countries. Currently, the global PV industry is actively transforming itself into innovative technologies and efficient solutions. It’s committed to further enhancing the production process and reducing manufacturing costs. Therefore, in the face of the global end-users, we will continue to uphold the vertically integrated industrial layout and rely on First-class product R & D and technological innovation strength. Strong technical support for all ZNSHINE projects, to provide the vast number of worldwide end-users innovative and efficient PV solutions. "
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