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Growatt- From the Hidden Champion to the recognised Distributed Smart Energy Leader

Time: 2/8/2018 11:07:21 AM                       Publisher: Staff

CEO & President of Growatt -Mr. Yongqiang Ding

Growatt smart home energy management system  

Promoting the“Internet Plus” smart energy development is an important strategy in the 13th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s republic of China 。As a leading solar inverter manufacturer-Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd(as Growatt), now move to new stage-Distrubted Smart Energy System, dedicated to become a navigator in this new energy revolution.

Remarkable Growth of Distributed Solar Market

Based on Growatt’s  high end technologies, innovative business modes and remarkable performance in smart solar inverters industry, Growatt has won “Year 2017 the most creative company in residential inverter”,”Top 50 creative company in solar industry of 2017”,”The Most  popular distributed inverter company  2017”,”Gold Prize  for Chinese Residential solar  inverter company 2017 ”and more than 30 other rewards.

 (Growatt owns seven branches and six warehouse globally, Growatt products have been sold to more than 100 countries-all over Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa, and America) Growatt’s residential solar inverters are the No.1 in six years as the largest exported inverters manufacturer, also for Chinese Domestic Market Growatt owns 35% of the market share as the No.1 in the industry. Growatt is the first Chinese company which launched the energy storage solutions and also the No.1 residential energy storage solution provider in China.

Smart Energy must be the main stream of  future energy development,  in this stream there will be two directions, one is change from traditional fossil energy to clean energy, the other is from centralized energy supply to distributed energy supply, the later one’s core is solar.  ” Growatt’s President and Chairman is confident to smart distributed smart energy. The market has the same reflection just as he said, this year Growatt has tripled its output value.

Turn a solar station into a household appliance.

Go back to 2011, Growatt already began to combine solar with Internet. After all these years research and marketing, Mr. Yongqiang Ding divided  Internet Smart Energy into four parts including power generating part, smart energy storage system, smart energy consumption devices and Energy-Internet Platform, Growatt is focusing on smart energy storage and Energy-Internet Platform.

Mr.Yongqiang Ding said”The key development of distributed solar system is smart energy storage part, if you can store and use properly these energy”. Based on this thought, Growatt developed DC storage system which can compatible with all other inverters, turn a normal solar station into a solar energy storage system. In the day time, solar panel generated energy to local load, the redundant energy would be stored in the battery. In the night time, the battery would supply energy for family use, to maximum the self consumption. Also Growatt has AC charging products which can use AC to charge battery in the bad weather to avoid over discharging  and extend life span of the battery.

To build Internet energy’s ”cloud manager”

Mr.Yongqiang Ding believes, the competitions in solar industry will not only between technologies but also the consumer ecology and innovation ability. With this situation Growatt builds an open maintenance monitoring platform to capture the real demand of our clients and create a revolutionary product. In 2017, with explosive demand from Chinese domestic market, Growatt has launched”Smart Cloud Manager Platform”, this platform contains solar sites building management, solar sites monitoring and solar sites maintenance, aiming at solving clients’ issues  in building and maintenance solar sites, until now this platform has successfully monitoring more than 400 thousands devices.

Another solution called”Mehome” which contains DC energy storage system, lithium battery and inverters, along with the newest Internet, telecommunication and cloud computing technologies to integrate solar energy and traditional energy’s input, monitoring, analysis, dispatching and optimizing together. This solution can help customers to control their energy generation and usage, also cloud system can analysis customers’ energy using habits, weather and electricity price to optimize automatic energy using, to reduce the family energy consumption and extend the lifespan of the energy storage system, maximize the benefits from solar and energy storage system.

Growatt New Energy, is aiming to be the biggest smart residential energy solution provider in the world.




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