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Back to India with greater glory ——Nader participated in the Indian Renewable Energy Show(REI)

Time: 11/16/2017 8:39:54 AM                       Publisher: Staff

During September 20 to 22,2017,the 10th India Renewable Energy Show (REI) was held at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Greter Noida, Near New Delhi which is the capital city of India. Ming Kang and Huan Yang those who are from Indian region and Chong Lian from Europe region of Nader's overseas department were sent to prepare for the show and exhibited with SINENG ELECTRIC CO., LTD.

This is  a great exhibition covering more than 40 countries, and more than 650 exhibitors and over 26370 global audiences have participated in this great event. We have global top 500 companies such as Canadian Solar, TOSHIBA, LDK, JUWI, FIRST LOLAR, TATA, ABB, SOLAR FIRST, SOLAR FRONTIER, GE, INOX and DELTA etc booths in this events.


BP Tata,Reliance,Moser Baer,Indo Solar which are the greatest four new energy components company of India have also exhibit on large scale and showed their company status and future expectations.


Over 200 Chinese enterprises have participated in the exhibition.well - known domestic companies such as Jinko, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD., LDK,YINGLI GROUP,Trina Solar(Changzhou), China merchants new energy, GCL-Poly Energy, Yele photovoltaic, JINGGONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY,SHENZHEN CLOU ELECTRONICS,Chinaland Solar Energy,Sungrow Power,SINENG ELECTRIC CO., LTD,TBEA Co.,Ltd,Delta,BYD,Ming Yang Wind Power  have seized the opportunity to develop India's photovoltaic and wind energy market.

Many national companies like Canadian Solar,TOSHIBA, LDK,Juwi,First Solar,TATA,ABB,SIEMENS,SUNPOWER,SOLAR FIRST, Solar Frontier,GE,INOX have also participated in the show.


To take the great opportunity of India market with great potential and increase so fast recently, Nader has displayed a full range of photovoltaic industry chain low-voltage electrical products program which includes Box integration, centralized, group string,distributed full range of products and products matched to Box change, box inverter integration, centralized inverter, group string inverter and AC / DC converter box.They are ACB,MCCB,MCB,Contactors, isolating switches and small circuit breakers.


Nader has invited many clients including owners, EPC and equipment manufacturers,and more than 200 customers are attracted to the booth for communication and learning.This offer us a very good start for developing the India Market, and surely to help our Brand Nader to become more and more famous in India in the future.


We got a good start by Re-entering the Indian market.Through this exhibition, we not only expanded the visibility in India Photovoltaic industry but also strengthened the team collaboration.

In the future, we will stick to the target agglomeration strategy and focus on breaking the new energy market in India.Besides, we are going to help the whole industry of India Solar Power to update and keep developing. We spare no effort to improve our brand awareness and we believe that Nader will be the first choice of our customers in India PV new energy market after soon.


And not only in India, we will basis in India market, and try to cover all nearby countries and try to provide professional service and support.


【Introduction of India Market】

with the Increase of India population, and increase of power requirement, India is going to become the 3rd largest Energy - consuming countries by 2030. India Goverment also plan to  increase the renewable energy to 85GW by 2022, amount which solor power should be generated for 20GW.  By the time of 2030, with the Increase of power requirement, India are going to import more energy and equipment& components from foreign countries, the percentage might reach up to 80%. Department of energy security in Ministry of foreign affairs of India Goverment decide to import from 20 countries, including China. That means great opportunity for us to develop the whole India market.


Source: Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Co.,Ltd






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