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TZTEK Promotes The Localization of Solar Silicon Wafer Sorting Equipments

Time: 4/12/2018 11:15:23 AM                       Publisher: Staff

Driven by global demand for alternative energy, China's solar pv industry has developed rapidly. We note that the local equipment manufactures is growing for solar energy industry. While, the key equipment are foreign brands.

The solar silicon wafer sorting equipment plays important role in the production of silicon wafer, its quality will directly determines the solar cells’ conversion efficiency and quality. However, there is big gap between the domestic equipment and world advanced level, lacking of core competitiveness and mainly depending on the foreign brand.

By market research, TZTEK finds that the high price, long delivery time, delayed service response, technical security and other issues of foreign brands seriously affect the continuity and stability of customers' production.

Now it’s clearly imminent to find the solution of how to realize the localization of silicon wafer separation, reduce the cost of China’s PV industry and improve the competitiveness of domestic pv products in the world

TZTEK, Keep breaking technology barriers.

Through high strength technology innovation, TZTEK solar silicon wafer sorting equipment is verified in the same conditions with the foreign brands at the customer site, all the performance indexes have reached or even exceeded the foreign brands, Which getting highly recognition from the customers.

Recently, TZTEK-owned solar silicon wafer sorting equipment breaks the industry standard again in the speed of 8000 pcs/h and signs the cooperation agreement with GLC the multi - crystal leading enterprise

With more than 10 years of machine vision technology and experience and deeply learning on AI algorithms, TZTEK solar silicon wafer sorting equipment can efficiently identify and extract the defects in the images. With the original AOI software, customers can freely calibrate and upgrade the software according to the demand, which greatly save the on-site calibration time and human resource cost.

From 28th to 30th in May, TZTEK solar silicon wafer sorting equipment will attend SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition and bring a technical feast for our customers.


As China’s advanced brand in the intelligent industry, TZTEK always concentrates on providing the industrial automation and intelligent products and solutions for precision manufactures to promote the competitiveness by developing the quality, improving the efficiency and saving the cost.

With focus on the R&D innovation, TZTEK’s R&D investment ratio to total revenue keeps more than 20%. It serves more than 6,000 customers worldwide. From the precision measurement, TZTEK constantly breaks the technology barriers and successfully improves the measurement accuracy to 0.3um, making China's high-precision measurement technology into the world top level. With focus on technology innovation and high-end orientation, TZTEK developed four main production line: Video Measuring Machine, Machine Vision, Automation Solutions, and Robots with cloud service.

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