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INVT Solar—16 Years of Technology Innovation Makes Perfect Inverters

Time: 4/26/2018 2:14:29 PM                       Publisher: Staff

In recent years, with the policies released to promote smart manufacturing, such as “Made in China 2025”, the wave of digital industry almost involves all industries. After this tread, to distinguish whether it’s “pig” or “eagle” flying in the sky, it depends on whether these companies have advanced vision and firm faith. How to make a better development for freshman industry? Does let outside see, hear and then accept? It is that spread is the best opportunity.


On the 28th March, the 13th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition with the theme of “Golden Sunlight, Clean Energy. Green and New Energy for Development”. It was held in Jinan International convention center, which attracted most of visitors and a large number of domestic representative new energy companies to attend.


As a senior company, INVT has worked in the field of automatic industry and power electricity for 16 years. Pan Yongqiang, director of the market of INVT Solar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(INVT), introduced in an interview with the International Energy Network at the exhibition site. He said that the iMars series of string solar inverter, iMars storage solar inverter and solar system monitoring software have got a lot of attention from users.


To analyze the development path of INVT solar inverter


Since it was funded in 2002, INVT has put its main attention on the two fields of automatic industry and energy power. In 2010, it was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share market. Currently, it has 16 subsidiaries, more than 3000 employees and has more than 30 domestic offices and security centers, as well as 8 overseas branches. Its marketing network has distributed among more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


The recent research report of INVT shows that it has a good profitability for three consecutive years. In 2017, its revenue was 2.122 billion RMB, up 60.3% year-on year, the net profit was 226 million RMB, an increase of 231.81% year-on-year. The forecast of performance for the first quarter of the year shows that the company’s first quarter performance is expected to increase substantially in 2018. It has made a harvest for R&D in high-performance, multi-function inverters of GD series products, storage solar inverter and so on.


At present, the main products of INVT, such as string solar inverter, storage inverter, has be distributed to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world, including Europe, Australia, southeast and so on. Pang Yongqiang said the reason why a company can make a better development is that whether a company can take the new energy into its strategic layout, attach importance to its R&D and cater to the industry development trend.


Up to now, INVT has invested more than 10% of its sales revenue in R&D each year, and has more than 800 pcs of patents. As Pan said, its iMars series of solar inverters has its own advantages in product stability, efficient power transformation, low harmonics, safe power grid access. hey can be widely used in distributed solar grid-tied power generation systems, such as BAPV (house roof, office building roof and factory roof), BIPV (integrated residential buildings), commercial plants and so on. What’s more, its solar inverters shipments reached about 860000 sets in 2016.


In the past 16 years, how did the solar inverters industry of INVT take root and grow in solar market?


In 2012, INVT was awarded the “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Shenzhen”,together with “Dongda-Invitrogen Electric Drive Joint Engineering R&D Center” was jointly established Southeast University, and then it pushed put the iMars series solar inverters.


In 2011, the company became an "excellent demonstration unit for energy conservation in China", won the certification of "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise"; and the new Goodrive series inverter representing the domestic top technology level was successfully pushed out.


In 2010, it was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share market.


In 2008, the “Industrialization of 200,000 sets of low-voltage frequency converters” project was included into the national high-tech industry development project.


In 2007, CHH series high-voltage frequency inverters were successfully developed and passed the test of Tianjin Transmission Equipment Research Institute in one fell swoop. They were among the top ten in the industry and ranked first.


In 2005, CHV series of high-performance current vector inverters, representing leading domestic and international advanced technologies, were successfully launched.


In 2003, it entered the top ten of the domestic brand industry. 2002 INVT Co., Ltd. was established, and then independently developed G9/P9/ZS5 first-generation products.


At the end of 2017, INVT pushed out a new generation of solar storage product, hybrid solar inverter (integrated with charging, energy storage and photovoltaic inverter, BMS battery management system and other functions, can automatically determine the off-grid/grid connection mode, and access Smart grid, realizing power demand such as peaking and valley filling, self-occupation, and so on.) have been stably occupying the distributed energy storage market since its launch.




When talking about the next development goal of INVT market, Pan Yongqiang said firmly that it’s a fatal goal to make products in goods’ correct direction, good quality, and perfect function. To occupy global solar inverters market is our main strategy of products, however, at the same time, we also it’s not enough to just get solar market, the best aftersales service is the most important factor for a good products.


For example, he pointed that solar inverters are easy to be in such problems, such as display damage, relay failure, disconnection, and inaccurate monitoring data. Once the solar inverters do not shoot the faults in time, it may cause lose about 50% for the entire sub-array power generation. The reason why these problems appears is that the idea of operation and maintenance of solar plant is scare for most of providers and invertors in the earlier stage of solar industry. So INVT has took the aftersales service into account.


INVT has become a company with great investment prospects and rapid development. What made it grow from a "young" inverter company to the leader of today's photovoltaic inverter, and developed so smoothly? Chairman Huang Shenli believes that INVT always focuses on power electronics technology, control technology and information technology, and has the advantage of technology precipitation. When selecting new industries, it actively responds to the country's call, forecast the market capacity of new industries. Such things made by INVT can make sure rapid development of enterprises.


“My duty now is not to see if a market can cut into one or two billion, but to see whether this market can bring greater development to INV, and even recreate a new INVT.” Huang Shenli said.


In 2017, INVT passed the verification audit of the two integrations and implemented a comprehensive and multi-dimensional service model on the client side, such as adding data acquisition and communication interfaces to product design; starting with the management of internal subsystems, carries out an information management via a unified chain platform and then greatly enhances the competitiveness of the entire supply chain. An independent industrial automation department is set up, and a series of user experiences, such as technology research and development, product upgrading, program formation, and industry expansion, are built around the solutions.


Based on the main business, constantly adjusting the direction of its development, and along with the trend of industrial development are the main factors for company's survival and even growth.It is believed that INVT will have a broader market prospect in the future.


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